Support for Africa

Brussels Airlines has a strong bond with Africa and our colleagues commit themselves every day to contributing to humanitarian projects in Africa. with the Bike for Africa project, 50 colleagues travel to a different African country every other year, where they take part in a mountain bike trip in order to get close to the local culture, and to raise funds for Mercy Ships.

One of the fund-raising campaigns offers you an opportunity to catch a glimpse behind the scenes at Brussels Airlines. Place your bid for one of the unique services offered by our staff, and grab your chance for a unique experience behind the scenes. The proceeds will go to Mercy Ships

* The donor with the winning bid will receive a tax certificate. (In Belgium, a charity donation gives right to a 45% tax deduction). All bids are binding. Auction will close on December 12th at midnight.

Fly with Captain Kirsten from the cockpit jumpseat

Experience a day in the life of a Brussels Airlines pilot, starting with the flight preparation and cockpit briefing in the morning up to the walk-around and final checks of the plane. Then fly with Kirsten to one of the 90 destinations on the jumpseat in the cockpit (the office with the greatest view in the world), and find out what the life of a pilot is all about.


Discover the maintenance hangar with Walter

Visit Brussels Airlines behind the scenes, take a stroll between the aircraft in the maintenance hangar. Our Head of Cabin Engineering Walter will be your guide, initiating you into the world of aircraft maintenance and engineering


Join Flight Attendant Steven for a day

Experience a day in the life of a Flight Attendant, and fly to a European destination. You're most welcome to assist the commercial cabin crew, and find out what the job is all about.


Take a seat in the flight simulator for a pilot session with Flight Instructor Niki

Take flying lessons in the Flight Simulator with Brussels Airlines Captain and Flight Instructor Niki, who will be your coach while you’re in the driver's seat of an Airbus for 2 hours. A unique opportunity!


Fly across the Atlantic with Cabin Crew Member Uli

Fly with Uli to Toronto & find out what the life of a long haul Flight Attendant is all about. You get to help out as a Flight Attendant on board, then join the entire crew for their night stop in Toronto, and be initiated in the aviation life!



Experience an intimate Ozark Henry concert at a unique location, together with your friends

Pick 10 of your best friends, and let Ozark Henry charm you with a unique and intimate piano concert in our maintenance hangar, under the wings of one of our aircraft.



Fly in the cockpit of your favourite Belgian Icon with First Officer Hilde

Do you prefer Rackham, Magritte, Trident or Amare? Get up close and personal with your favourite Belgian Icon. First Officer Hilde takes you on the jumpseat for a spectacular flight that you can experience from the cockpit! You get to follow her from the crew briefing in the morning, to the walk-around of the plane and you’ll fly to a European destination and back to get a glimpse of the pilot life!


Brussels Airlines -

Bike for Africa

Through our for Africa we give a helping hand to a number of NGOs and humanitarian projects that have the same passion for Africa as we do. But we also have a dream! A dream of bringing people together in a biking trip on this fascinating continent, having fun together and doing something good for the children of Africa!

Every two years, for Africa generates its masterpiece “Bike for Africa”, a mountainbike trip for Brussels Airlines employees and corporate partners, raising funds for the good cause.