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With the support of the for Africa, de Filharmonie set up the Re-Mix Kinshasa” project in December 2015. Re-Mix enables youngsters and kids from vulnerable situations (poverty) to play an instrument in a real concert and to perform life on stage. The concept has proven to be a tremendous boost for the children’s self-esteem.  They receive training during one week (in their school) from famous musician Paul Griffiths (London) and musicians of the Filharmonie. 

For Re-Mix Kinshasa, de Filharmonie worked together with le Centre d’Alphabétisation, a school (350 kids) located in Limete, that provides elementary education and alphabetization to kids from the poorest areas in Kinshasa. A group of 25 children from the Centre d’Alphabétisation was selected to participate to the Re-Mix project. The concert also featured 3 percussionists of Mbeta Mbonda,  a Kinshasa-based organisation that works with young former delinquents. These youngsters are trained to produce music instruments and rehearse twice a week as musicians.

During the week of 26Nov-2 Dec the Belgian musicians tought the kids not only how to play an instrument, but also how to live and work together in a respectful way. They learned what their strengths are and how they can overcome the boundaries of their personal situation. The teachers of the Centre d’Alphabetisation were heavily involved in the project. The cherry on the cake was the concert they played at the end of the week where their schoolmates, families and relatives were invited to come and see them perform – a true goosebumbs moment!  They also played a formal concert on Friday evening 4 December in the residence of the Belgian Ambassador, who is godfather of this project, followed by a large reception (business & politics).  

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