Humanitarian projects


Mr Maurice founded this organisation in 2002 With his wife. MEFAG stands for Men Fighting AGainst aids and was initially founded to take aids infected children (orphans or abandonned children) from the streets in the suburb of Mathare, to help them escape from a life without any prospect. A life he and his wife know all to well.

The organisation is recognized by the district council but doesn’t really receive any kind of support on a regular basis. Day to day, Maurice and his wife (and family) take care of an average of 50 children from ages 0 upto and over 20. All of them are provided shelter, food (when available) and medical care. As much as possible they are send to school. Regular food supplies are the most critical at this time.

Currently Mr. Maurice is structuring his organization step by step.

During my last visit Mss Joy raised money and was able to place concrete on yet two more bedroom floors!

How can you help?: 

Contact Mr Maurice by mail. The Safari Park staff of the reception is also supporting this project on a regular basis. Ask them to order a taxi or have some more info about MEFAG. Stop at the supermarket and buy some non perishable foods for which the above contacts can give you some guidelines. (The Naivas supermarket is just near the MEFAG center).

Clothing and school supplies are always welcome for these people as well. is trying to find a way too provide some structured help as well as support to make some necessary repairs to the housing and infrastructure.

Local contact

Mr. Maurice

Tel.: +254 720 565 728

Local support contact
Mss Joy Mumbe Muli

Tel.: +254 716 282 003

Mr Daniel Vulemu (Safari Park Contact)
Mr Solomon Machoria (Safari Park Contact)
Mr Chrispinus Malimo (Safari Park Contact)
Mr Samuel Mushina (Safari Park Contact)

Mss Catherine (Safari Park hotel - Guest Relations Officer)


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