About b.foundation

The B.Foundation for Africa accommodates and supports humanitarian projects in Africa, the continent we consider our second home. As the African business is one of the main contributors for our airline, we see it as our responsibility to give something back to the local communities.

Since many years, our airline’s employees are actively involved in humanitarian projects and show a very strong social commitment. In 2010 Brussels Airlines decided to bundle and structure those internal staff initiatives and added a selection of external projects by NGO’s and not-for-profit organisations. The opportunity seized for the launch of the B.Foundation for Africa was the opening of 4 new African destinations in July 2010 (Lomé, Ouagadougou, Accra and Cotonou).

Our goal is to facilitate projects that are closely connected to the core of Brussels Airlines. The basis of our strategy are the many internal initiatives of our employees. By adding external partner relations we increase the potential contribution we can make to our social responsibility. As Brussels Airlines’ core business is aviation, the company does not have the knowledge nor the resources to provide sustainable humanitarian aid itself. Therefore the choice was made to partner up with a number of NGOs, that match with our passion for Africa. We support them by structurally reducing their transportation costs and by giving them access to our communication channels. In our selection of partner NGOs we strive to have a balanced portfolio of initiatives in Africa. Secondly, priority is given to NGOs who’s core business is health care.

The b.foundation team