Humanitarian projects


Mr Kris Vandevoorde from the Sint Gabrielcollege (Boechout) offers the proceedings of the school's annual "vastenvoettocht". This money will be well spent on some urgent repare works at the MEFAG orphanage in Nairobi. The roof needs replacement in order that the kids can sleep at least dry and the kitchen....well, the kitchen is almost not existing at this time. Cooking a meal every day for almost 55 kids average is already a challenge on its own. Just imagine thatyou only have an open fire and a used two shelved cup-board. No workplace, almost no kitchen material, no hood to evacuate the fumes from the open fire, other words no kitchen at all! 

The financial support of Sint Gabrielcollege will be used to refurbish the kitchen and replace the roof. will support the coordination of the works and maybe add some extra funds. 

More to come soon...

Thank you very much Sint Gabrielcollege!

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